EL ZATTA, Hijab and Accesories

El Zatta invites you to dare playing colours.

The material is soft and loose silhouette makes everyone feel suitable for slim or fat. Due to wear hijab are all Muslims, not a particular person.

El zatta supply variant colours, photos below only show models, but you can request  other colour (out of the photos). Some photos may give information about the availability stock.

Please click the photo for more details.

To purchase order:

  1. Please look carefully at tittle product and details, you can ask available colours as optional, size spec etc.
  2. Send message to eka :+6281536052688 or email to eka_herl@yahoo.com with format: PO, Brand, Tittle Product, Colours, Size. Also complete Your name, your address, phone number. *example: PO, El Zatta, Gamia Aida, white, m. Name: Excel, Perum 3 no. 4. Bekasi. Zip Code: 17221 Jawa Barat. 08128889990.
  3. Then you will wait our confirmation reply, there are some ready stock, delivery cost+ price (should be to transfer), and our account information.
  4. After you transfer, please inform us soon as we can check your payment already entered.
  5. We will inform you delivery bill as we have sent your package/order.
  6. We always thankful to you, due visiting our online store, and shop to us 🙂

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